The 26th International Conference of the European Forum for Vocational Education and Training (EfVET), which took place in the city of Thessaloniki on 25-28 October 2017, was successfully completed.

Approximately 250 executives of educational institutions from 25 countries, as well as political-institutional representatives from Europe and elsewhere, participated in the proceedings. IVEPE-SEV had a dynamic presence with two keynote speakers during the three days of the conference, while at the same time hosted the "Parallel Session for Leaders and Managers" in its educational premises.

Mrs. Anna Mamalaki (member of the IVEPE-SEV’s BoD and well-known Human Resources executive) delivered an inspiring speech that instigated a substantive discussion for the role of vocational training in upgrading workers' skills. Through her speech, she successfully conveyed the message that continuous training of business staff is directly linked to commitment, motivation, creativity, efficiency and operational effectiveness.
Mr. Heracles Sioulis (Development Director of IVEPE-SEV) participated in the main panel along with Mr. Joachim James Calleja (CEDEFOP Director), Joao Santos (Head of the European Commission on Employment and Social Inclusion) and Dimitrios Baxevanakis (Deputy Minister of Education). The panel discussed key issues on the potential and future of vocational training in Europe, such as:

  • The importance of technical - vocational training in the economy.
  • Upgrading the profile and the role of vocational training.
  • The need for transformation of schools and their curricula.
  • Empowering students with Lifelong Skills and developing their critical thinking.
  • Strengthening teachers and their training skills in cooperative teaching methods.
  • Employee profile from the business perspective.
  • Cooperation between Education and Industry for improving vocational training and apprenticeship.
The conclusions of the conference highlighted the need for more effective cooperation and alignment between labor market and education, towards strengthening students and workers with “Skills for Life” in a continuous process of personal development and training. This will enable them to adapt to a constantly changing business environment and immune them towards the risk of labor and social exclusion.


More info: 

Find here snapshots from the Parallel Session for Leaders and Managers that took place in IVEPE-SEV Thessaloniki.