IVEPE-SEV sponsors and participates actively in the Process Safety Management Conference 2016.

The 1st Process Safety Management Conference aimed to inform companies that manage hazardous materials or operate in dangerous environments about methods they should adopt in order:
  • To eliminate the likelihood and consequences of industrial/work accidents,
  • To achieve their goal of better safety performance by always replacing "dangerous" with "less dangerous" and by implementing rules and principles that lead to improved inherent first level safety.

The conference also foced on technological developments and related equipment inspections, since the prerequisite for zero accidents is employee responsibility for his/her safety, the safety of his/her surroundings and the equipment he/she manages.

At the 1st Process Safety Management Conference:
  • There has been presented insights and best practices of companies that are committed to industrial safety, positively influencing their competitiveness.
  • Experts and executives exchanged experiences and know-how on safety issues and discussed the current challenges.
  • Relevant regulatory requirements have been presented and analyzed.
  • Case studies have been presented on reporting strategies for "near misses" accidents, as well as the standards applied for their management.
  • Interactive discussions took place on key issues related to the latest technologies and industrial safety solutions.
In this direction, the conference welcomed institutional executives, the industrial community as well as providers of innovative services and technologies to present practical proposals and solutions and to highlight brilliant examples.
IVEPE-SEV, in response to its mission to support the Greek Industry through the training of its executives in the field of Industrial Safety, supported the Conference.


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