IVEPE-SEV sponsored the "Corporate Responsibility in Action" conference on 30 March 2016.

For 3rd consecutive year, Marketing Week Magazine organized the largest Corporate Responsibility Conference with the participation of the biggest greek companies. The principle aim of this action is to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the field of CSR, with companies presenting many of these programs in parallel with explaining the strategy and philosophy behind them.

The key subject of the conference was to gather valuable knowledge about the Corporate Responsibility sector through real examples. As mentioned above, many companies had the chance to present their actions in detail, as opposed to the mere reference commonly made to other CSR conferences. The result was a panorama of Corporate Responsibility, a valuable platform for capturing the CSR actions of companies operating in the Greek market.

IVEPE-SEV participated as a Conference Sponsor, understanding the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in today's era.

At the same time, the General Director of IVEPE-SEV Thekla Poulouki, delivered a speech entitled "Vocational Training Programs: The way out of unemployment", urging companies to integrate training into their Corporate Social Responsibility, aiming to strengthen the professional profile of target groups in the demanding labor market.