Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (ECDIS-GENERIC)

(complied with STCW requirements, Cyprus approved)


To train Officers in charge of a navigational watch in the basic theory and use of ECDIS for maintaining the safety of navigation, practice in setting up and maintaining an ECDIS display, planning and monitoring a route, with practical exercises on Norcontrol Bridge/ECDIS and other ECDIS Simulators. In addition, to train Masters and Chief Officers to use ECDIS in management of operational procedures, system files and data and for assisting command decision-making.

Who should attend

All Deck Officers

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to ECDIS – Components of an Electronic Chart System – Elements of ECDIS
  • Raster / Vector Data – Electronic Charts (RNC, ENC) – Electronic Chart Systems (ECDIS, RCDS, ECS) – Legal Aspects & Requirements
  • Accuracy of Cartographic Data – Geodetic / Horizontal / Vertical Datum
  • ENC Visualization – Watchkeeping with ECDIS – From Data to Chart Functions
  • Navigational Functions of the Electronic Chart
  • Sensor Inputs / ECDIS Generated Alarms & Warnings
  • Passage Planning – Route Planning, Validation & Monitoring
  • Integration with Other Navigational Systems (ECDIS Targets, Charts & System) – Automatic Track Control – Performance Limits / Error Displays – Impact on Safe ECDIS Use
  • Data Services (Distribution, WEND, RENCs, ENC & RNC Data Coverage)
  • Updating / Corrections – Safety Issues: Benefits and Risks
  • ECDIS Responsibility & Assessment

Training Methodology

A combination of lecture through PowerPoint presentation, written assessment and practical exercises with TRY ECDIS Software, Norcontrol Bridge Simulator w/ Sea Map 10 ECDIS, Transas NAVI Trainer Professional (NTPRO-4000), NAVI Sailor 3000 ECDIS Simulator, JRC NZS-33, Kelvin Hughes Mantra Digital Software Kits.


  • 30 Hrs / 5 Days

Documentation Reference

  • STCW 2010, Section & Table A-II/1,2,3
  • IMO Model Courses 1.27 (Edition 2012)


  • Course delivery in Greek/English while training materials in English.


  • VADM Ioannis Lioulis (HN, Ret.)
  • Master Mariner Gerasimos Andrianatos

 Course Approval

  •  DNV, Cyprus, Liberia, Malta, Marshall Islands

Πληροφορίες Σεμιναρίου

Κωδικός 207.01
Τίτλος Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (ECDIS-GENERIC)
Περιγραφή (complied with STCW requirements, Cyprus approved)
Διάρκεια (Δ.Ω.) 30

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