Stavros Niarchos Foundation supports with exclsive funding the Vocational Training Program of IVEPE-SEV, which aims to offer free training to unemployed young people in order to obtain additional knowledge and skills that can help them join the work market. The implementation of such a program, is of particular social importance concerning that the youth unemployment rate in Greece is higher than 60%, destroying the social fabric of an already weakened society. Acquiring new knowledge and skills is a major social need today, since exiting the crisis requires updated knowledge and many employers admit having great difficulties finding suitable and well educated candidates.
Linking theoretical knowledge with real work practice is the strongest weapon to combat unemployment and bring the country back on a path of competitive growth with social cohesion.

The program aims to train 1,000 unemployed young people. Geographically, the areas of Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Volos will be covered and courses will be implemented in IVEPE-SEV's certified facilities. The selection process will be based on specific social criteria in addition to educational criteria.

The training subjects offered in this program are selected based on research on greek economy growing sectors with high demand, and are the following:

  • Energy Inspector for Buildings (certified training course)
  • Energy Inspectors for Boiler & Heating Installations (certified training course)
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment - Waste Management - Recycling of Waste
  • Basic knowledge for Electricians - Safety from Electrical Danger
  • Basic knowledge for Electricians and Automation Technicians - Safety from Electrical Danger
  • Maintenance of Industrial Equipment
  • Maintenance and Safety of Oil/Gas Burners and Boilers
  • Industrial Health and Safety
  • Technician of Photovoltaic Systems
  • Microsoft Office - Document Processing (WORD) and Spreadsheets (EXCEL) (certified training course)
  • Microsoft Office - Presentation Techniques (POWERPOINT), Internet, Email (certified training course)
  • Architectural & Mechanical Design using AUTOCAD 2D (certified training course)
  • Web Marketing and Social Media
  • E - Commerce
  • Project Management & MS Project 2010 (certified training course)
  • Exports
  • Accountant Assistant
  • Warehouse Management - Transport Optimization
  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Touristic Marketing
  • Hotel Receptionist (certified training course)