The issue of Marketing Week magazine released on January 30, 2017 has an extended and interesting tribute to corporate and social responsibility with the general title "When Companies Offer Knowledge".

Thekli Poulouki, General Director of IVEPE-SEV stated:
poulouki foto"It is true that business results are nowadays also being measured by social indicators. It is therefore reasonable that many companies seek to combine effectively their corporate performance and their contribution to the society, by developing values ​​and providing equal opportunities to those excluded from the labor market. Education based CSR programs not only provide assistance to beneficiaries but actual support. They give them the skills to set up and take action in order to improve the conditions of their social and working life. Implementing an educational csr Program is one of the most rewarding action that a company can provide to the society and at the same time it is one of the best publicity/marketing methods for enhancing the company's social profile."
[Companies in Greece have actively demonstrated that they understand their role in the society, responding to the emergency needs of the crisis. Through their action, arises an interesting parameter that is consistent with the strategic way in which they approach reality: Their effort to educate and cognitively support society] Marketing Week 30.01.2017

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