IVEPE-SEV participated as silver sponsor of the Industrial Conference organized by SEV on May 23-24 2016, on "Beyond the Greek Crisis. Strong Industry for Innovation, Growth and Jobs".

With key messages: "Added Value. Global Exports. Good Jobs", the Conference examined the conditions and the necessary interventions for creating an industrial strategy in Greece.
The main axes of the Conference were the follow:
  • Why choose Greece as an investment destination: Greece's competitive characteristics and abilities in the international environment, lessons learnt from the market's winners and losers, and challenges for the future.
  • How will investments come to Greece: identifying the key interventions that wil allow the bridging of the investment gap and the addressing of the Greek crisis' causes and consequences as the foundation for restarting the greek economy. Where to invest focusing on the Circular Economy as an opportunity for sustainable growth, and the role of the dynamic industrial sectors can play.
Confirmed conference participants include top executives from Grecce's key industrial sectors, experts from the major international institutions and greek government representatives.
On the occasion of the Industrial Conference, SEV's President Theodoros Fessas stated: "Greece beyond the crisis needs a modern, competitive and strong industry that creates value, growth, jobs and offers a collective perspective for a powerful economy along with a fair and coherent society. By creating the right environment for Greek industry to develop and reach the European average, we can gradually create 550,000 stable jobs with a strong economic and social impact."
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