Lockout – Tagout

Lockout Tagout is a critical tool of workplace safety and productivity during installation, operation, maintenance and repair works of electromechanical equipment. Regulatory requirements dictate businesses to be Lockout Tagout compliant, so that through appropriate procedures, all possible risks and dangerous actions taken by workers throughout the work can be isolated. An effective Lockout - Tagout program ensures the health of staff, the good condition of the equipment and has multiple economic benefits for the business.


At the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Be aware of security issues
  • Understand the Lockout Tagout process
  • Identify the danger points that need isolation
  • Learn how to use the appropriate Lockout Tagout devices

Target Audience

Safety Engineers, Maintenance, Production and Works Department, foremen and the operators of the electromechanical equipment.

Course Description

  • Introduction. Terminology. Lockout Tagout as a security tool
  • Understanding the Lockout Tagout process
  • Regulatory RequirementsAdvantages. The cost of non-compliance
  • Basic Lockout Tagout processes
  • Special procedures
  • Identification of isolation points
  • Lockout Devices
  • Management. Programming
  • Staff roles in the Tagout lockout Process
  • Inspections. Audits. Staff training
  • Maintain, improve and sustain the Lockout-Tagout system
  • Case Studies of the Procedures during a Maintenance process

Course information

Course Code 101.27
Course Title Lockout – Tagout
Course Duration 5

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