Escape Breathing Apparatus Usage

Course Description and Objectives

In many cases of emergencies (e.g. fire induced in an industrial area), the use of a Breathing Apparatus is considered necessary for the safe withdrawal of the workforce. It is also important for staff to know the safe exit procedures from a hazardous environment. At the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Be aware of security issues
  • Be prepared to deal with a dangerous incident
  • Learn the proper use of breathing devices
  • Learn the actions of safe exit from a dangerous area

Target Audience

All employees. Especially, the workforce of companies using hazardous materials (chemicals, hazardous gases, dusts), road construction and mining personnel, safety technicians and personnel working in confined spaces.

Course Outline

  • Breathing Physiology
  • Hazardous gases - fumes
  • Employee psychology in a dangerous situation
  • Getting to know the parts of the escape device
  • Proper and safe use of Escape Breathing Apparatus
  • Safe Exit from the hazardous area
  • Case studies – Practice on the devices

Course information

Course Code 101.26
Course Title Escape Breathing Apparatus Usage
Course Duration 8

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