PAPASTRATOS in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, takes the initiative to support vulnerable social groups facing or being threatened by unemployment.

"Προετοιμάσου για το αύριο (Prepare for tomorrow)" exclusively funded by PAPASTRATOS, launched in April 2013 and aimed to offer free training programs to 1000 people (by the end of the year) who want to acquire specialized knowledge in order to secure their employment status or improve their position in the labor market.

The training programs can be attended by unemployed or people threatened by unemployment, aged 25-50 years and will be held in IVEPE-SEV's certified facilities in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos and Patras.

The purpose of this program is to provide trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • Reduce unemployment and improve the social status and living standards of the unemployed.
  • Improve of their professional qualifications in order to facilitate their access to the labor market.
  • Familiarize the unemployed with a constantly changing work environment, where there is new data in terms of technological development, but also the modernization of working methods.

This program offers training to the following subjects:

  1. Energy Inspectors
  2. Certified Welders
  3. Safety Professionals for Small-Medium Enterprises
  4. Basic Computer Skills
  5. First Aid Training
  6. Executive Secretary
  7. Design using AUTOCAD 2D
  8. Maintenance and Repair of Oil/Gas Burners and Boilers
  9. Electrical Technician according to the stndard ELOT - HD 384
  10. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
  11. Sales (in the period of crisis) 
  12. Private Security Personnel
  13. Busıness English I & II
  14. Technical English
  15. Ware house Management
  16. Accountant Assistant
  17. Tourism Animator
  18. Yacht Crew Member
  19. Barista
  20. Waiter
  21. Tourist Agent
  22. Organizing Cultural Tourism
  23. Organizing Gastronomic/Food Tourism
  24. Housekeeper
  25. Car Electrician
  26. Car Mechanic
  27. Sales Coaching
  28. Elderly Escorts
  29. Nurse Personnel
  30. Finance for Nonfinancial Personnel
  31. Technician of Photovoltaic Systems
  32. Solar Thermal Installations
  33. Physical and Chemical Methods for Water and Wastewater Treatment
  34. Integrated Transport Safety Methods
  35. Project Management
  36. Introduction to Natural Gas Technology

The first 6 subjects lead to certification exams. 


In addition to the general participation criteria such as age, official unemployment duration, marital status of applicants, previous experience and education on the subject, there was also and a number of social criteria giving priority to specific and vulnerable social groups.