A very important collaboration was initiated among the Hellenic Adult Education Association (H.A.E.A.), IVEPE-SEV and NEON Cultural and Development Organization, by D. Daskalopoulos.

The purpose of this educational collaboration is to exploit art as a training tool for developing creativity, innovation and critical thinking. This program is addressed to:

  • Adult Trainers
  • Primary and Secondary School Consultants and Teachers
  • Teachers at Second Chance Schools

so that they can then apply this innovative method of teaching to their students, children or adults.

The program uses the method "Transformative Learning through Art", developed by Alexis Kokkos, Professor of Adult Education at the Hellenic Open University, President of H.A.E.A. and Scientific Program Manager. According to this method, trainees (students or adults) observe and study works of art whose content is related to the content of one or more subjects they are studying.Through this process new ideas arise on the subject and thus creativity and critical thinking are developed.

The educational courses started in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Volos in September 2014 are exclusively funded by NEON and are offered free of charge, aiming at training 1,000 Greek teachers. The educational process took place at IVEPE-SEV's facilities and was completed within two years (2014-2015).

The founder of NEON, Mr. D. Daskalopoulos, stated: "Trainees will find that contact with art can open new horizons of education that empowers the development of critical thinking, creativity and innovation."

The attendants express the certainty that the method will be breakthrough for the greek educational standards.