NDT: Ultrasonic Testing-UTM (Thickness Measurement)

Certification based on EN-ISO 9712 or SNT-ΤC-1A or PCN (LEVEL II)

Course's Educational Purpose

Participants will acquire knowledge and practical skills, necessary for the implementation of the UTM/Thickness measurement method. At the end of the course they will be able to conduct thickness measurements, calibrate their equipment, write a report and prepare a written instruction.

Target Audience

This program can be attended by technicians, who wish to get level 2 certification as per the following schemes: EN-ISO 9712, SNT-TC-1A, PCN.

#CertificationCourse Duration
1 SNT-TC-1A (Level II) 40
2 EN-ISO 9712 (Level II) 40
3 PCN (Level II) 40

Course Contents

  • Basic principles
  • Sound propagation
  • Factors that affect sound propagation, acoustic resistance, couplants
  • Generation of sound and its properties
  • Equipment - UT probes
  • Calibration- equipment checking
  • A-scan, calibration techniques
  • Defect detection
  • Sensitivity D.A.C. curves
  • 6db Amplitude drop technique
  • Lamination detection, use of thickness gauge
  • Use of defect detector device
  • Criteria of approval
  • Practical exercise
  • Reporting as per ΕΝ ISO 9712, SNT-TC-1A, PCN
  • Preparation of written instruction

PCN/GEN Appendix Z1 NDT training Syllabi

Course information

Course Code 109.01
Course Title NDT: Ultrasonic Testing-UTM (Thickness Measurement)
Details Certification based on EN-ISO 9712 or SNT-ΤC-1A or PCN (LEVEL II)
Certification YES
Partnership Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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