NDT: Magnetic Particle Testing - MT

Certification based on EN-ISO 9712 ή SNT-TC-1A ή PCN (LEVEL II)

Course's Educational Purpose

Participants will acquire knowledge and practical skills, necessary for the implementation of the Magnetic Testing method. At the end of the course they will be able to conduct inspections using color contrast and fluorescent magnetic particles, check the lighting conditions, use portable and bench equipment, write a report and prepare a written instruction.

Target Audience

This program can be attended by technicians, who wish to get level 2 certification as per the following schemes: EN-ISO 9712, SNT-TC-1A, PCN.

#CertificationCourse Duration
1 SNT-TC-1A (Level II) 24
2 EN-ISO 9712 (Level II) 40
3 PCN (Level II) 40

Course Objectives

  • Introduction
  • Magnetic properties
  • Considerations when using MPI
  • Magnetising methods & Apparatus
  • The detecting medium
  • Viewing conditions
  • Demagnetisation
  • Magnetic field indicators
  • Reporting
  • Current types
  • COSHH Regulations
  • Practical exercise using MT
  • Instruction writing for a level 1 inspector
  • Report writing in accordance with PCN or SNT-TC-1A or EN ISO 9712

PCN/GEN Appendix Z1 NDT training Syllabi

Course information

Course Code 109.05
Course Title NDT: Magnetic Particle Testing - MT
Details Certification based on EN-ISO 9712 ή SNT-TC-1A ή PCN (LEVEL II)
Certification YES
Partnership Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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